Baenetic Magic Makeup Remover
Baenetic Magic Makeup Remover
Baenetic Magic Makeup Remover

Baenetic Magic Makeup Remover

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This is the best dual sided makeup remover you'll vanity will ever have. It is perfect for those accidental makeup oopsies. Simply choose a side and wipe away. PS don't forget one for your purse.

Key Features:

  • Size: 4ml
  • White Galaxy: Dual-sided multi-purpose makeup remover

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Why choose us?


Baenetic is all about magnetisim, and we love to give a portion of our proceeds back to the vulnerable.

Customer Satisfaction

At Baenetic we can guarantee you our products are cruelty free and the lashes are perfectly handcrafted to deliver the best luxury quality to you. Still not satisfied? We'll happily send you a free pair to your liking.

be magnetic

The 3 essentials we all need in life. A glamourous vegan-friendly magnetic eyelash, paired with the perfect eyeliner and for those accidental makeup mistakes our dual-sided eraser. You can rely on us we promise.

Ditch the Lash Glue

At Baenetic we belive in being magnetic. Our eyelashes are hand-crafted with. utmost love and made until perfection. Completely vegan-friendly and weightless you'll forget you even had lashes on. Simply ditch the tacky lash glue and try the new magnetic eyeliner. You'll never go back.