About Us


Do you sometimes wish there was something other than TACKY LASH GLUE? Baenetic Magnetic Eyelashes is the solution. No more having to apply the right amount of glue and waiting for it to dry ENOUGH, and then making sure the lash is aligned with your natural lash. OH AND THEN ONLY TO SEE IT NOT RIGHT!! Lash glue is messy, gooey, toxic, uncomfortable, and hard to remove. Our magnetic eyeliner is so EASY. Simply swipe on Baenetic Magnetic Eyeliner and CLICK the lashes. SO SIMPLE. 

Baenetic is all about magnetism. We believe is delivering you the best quality that is hand-crafted and made with extreme amounts of LOVE. It all started with an idea, which then became sleepless night to a REAL product. 

Our eyelashes are made with natural cotton material attached are 5 magnets which hold your eyelashes in place. They are completely vegan-friendly and made with faux mink because we love our furry friends. Baenetic magnetic eyeliner formula is one of the best in the market. IT IS THE SECRET TO OUR LASHES. PS don't forget to try our dual sided makeup eraser it's perfect to clean up any makeup mistakes.